When can i stop worrying about dry socket reddit

“When Can I Stop Worrying about Dry Socket?” this key question of yours must have got the answer. Maybe dry socket keeps you in a very uncomfortable situation but it will take maximum 7-10 days to get relief if you go for it. Therefore, truly you’ve no need to be worried about dry socket anymore. Mar 07, 2010 · Dry socket can appear sometimes 3-5 days after an extraction so your not in the clear just yet. However the pain caused by dry socket is sometimes extremely painful and usually still throbs even with very strong painkillers so the fact that you can manage it with ibuprofen should re assure you. You should have your follow up about a week after. My doc said anywhere from 3-5 days, the stitches should dissolve shortly after Also when you go for your follow up, they give you this syringe looking thing to keep the sockets clean, I think I had to use that for about a week, then I was all good! blk09rex Apr 25, 2012 · How after a wisdom tooth extraction do I have to worry about dry socket? It was done on saturday afternoon, and I have - Answered by a verified Dentist We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website.