Synology delete root folder

Dec 06, 2014 · Synology NAS - How to make a program run at startup. The other day I created a little node.js project to keep track of some finances. Synology has a node.js package but that just installs the tools - it has no 'container' or any other support to drop files and have it run automagically. Maybe one day. Aha, so it looks like it's those two files. They are indeed broken, no way to copy or delete or otherwise access them. Linux has some nice tools to deal with those kind of errors. The challenge here is to unmount volume1 on the Synology NAS. This is not trivial as there are different processes accessing the volume. Let's deactivate them step-by ... Nov 29, 2012 · The problem is that I don"t have a config.php file on my root moodle folder. I only have a .htaccess file, other stuff are on sub folders. and my account is set to point to my ISP adress which is renewed every day or so and it works pretty good for other services (audio streaming from my NAS for example). These are “hidden” folders equivalent to thumbs.db on Windows where the package stores thumbnail files associated with iTunes support. If you’re not using iTunes you don’t need these directories. You can remove them in two steps: Disable the Service Creating Them. SSH in as root and run the following: