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Mar 24, 2017 · Now brought to you by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. Curriculum-Based Interim and Summative Assessment rSkills Tests are curriculum-based interim and summative assessments available to READ 180 Next Generation customers. Students take an rSkills test after completing each of the 9 workshops in READ 180, providing teachers with an important tool to monitor students' understanding of key, standards ... Connecting with READ 180, System 44 and MATH 180 educators just got easier! Read about the latest trends in education, helpful tips from other teachers, and more in our Blog posts Find resources for your program with just one click with enhanced Resource Library search features Hi, it's Noelle Morris from HMH Learning Company also known as the very first read 180 teacher and big fan of our HMH literacy Solutions and I have had the most amazing experience that I laid because I have had two days with this phenomenal women who are also read 180 teachers, Kelly Wallace from Cypress Fairbanks and Texas and Juanita Barnes from Asbury Park. Dec 05, 2013 · An introduction to READ 180 Next Generation—built for the Common Core. READ 180 includes more rigor throughout, new grade-level text, new text-dependent ques... The videos explain how READ 180 Next Generation meets the literacy needs for College and Careers and the Common Core. It's an excellent overview for any teacher - new to READ 180, new to READ 180 NG., or who just wants a refresher after the summer. These videos are also an excellent overview of READ 180 for Administrators. Videos Included: