Meridional and zonal

In addition, the existence of trajectories that are not subject to meridional trapping is here observed for the first time. Their dynamics was not captured by the previous purely meridional studies and unveils a new class of possible solutions for inertial motion in the spherical shell. The wave temperature, the zonal and meridional wind distributions in the zonal plane are compared with the observed distributions associated with monsoon depressions, and a good agreement between them is noticed. Whoops! There was a problem previewing 6_JuniartiVisa2_PMLI_b1_2012.pdf. Retrying. @inproceedings{Fedorov2015TightlyLZ, title={Tightly linked zonal and meridional sea surface temperature gradients over the past five million years}, author={Alexey V Fedorov and Natalie J Burls and Kira Lawrence and Laura C Peterson}, year={2015} } Global mean temperatures during the Pliocene epoch ... NCL Home > Documentation > Functions > Meteorology wind_component. Calculate zonal and meridional wind components from wind speed and wind direction. Available in version 6.1.0 and later.