Intellij license server version

Team URL – Use this option when you activate using a License Server or License Management. Paste the Team URL (provided by your license service administrator) into the first field and specify your email in the second field. Press Activate license. If you do not have a license code, press Try XRebel for Free. This will return you to the ... Aug 28, 2017 · 1- Obtained from {license-server path}/launcher/build.txt --> 0.7.337 2- Written in the lower right side of the server's main webpage --> Build 10226 I wanted to activate the Auto Discovery feature for the license server but seemingly, the release we're currently using, gets the domain name from the client's FQDN and because we're hosting the ... IntelliJ IDEA crashes on start with Illuminated Cloud 2 plugin installed; IDE crashes on MacOS 10.15 Catalina; Antivirus Impact on Build Speed; Cmd+Shift+A hotkey opens Terminal with "apropos" search instead of the Find Action dialog Latest version: Build #20308. Floating License Server (FLS) is a Java application to manage JetBrains products licenses within your company network. Available if you own more than 50 active product subscriptions.