How to insert data using custom controller in salesforce

May 04, 2014 · When using DataLoader or another integration tool to update data, the external id can be used instead of the Salesforce id to uniquely identify records. External Ids can also be used when you need to load data into an object that has lookups, and the objects that the looksups are associated with have external ids defined. As a beginner I face difficulties in SalesForce even when with simple problems like fetching data and displaying them on the VisualForce page. Now that I have some knowlede on it, I would like to share it. Let’s begin with how to fetch and display data from a custom object on VisualForce page. Code VisualForce … Today, we are going to learn how to create a trigger in Salesforce. This is a rather involved process, and it does require getting our feet wet with some programming logic. However, we must not let this intimidate us, as once we see this done once, it makes perfect sense in the future. When your page uses a custom controller, you can’t use a standard controller. Pages use a different attribute to set the custom controller. Open the Developer Console and click to create a new Visualforce page. Enter ContactsListController for the page name. In the editor, replace any markup with the following. Mass delete records in Salesforce should be an easy job for experience Salesforce admin. Sometimes you need to delete all data after performing sanity test, integration test, and stress test in Production for deployment of new functionalities, which may include create new records in new custom objects. Jul 06, 2017 · Salesforce comes up with many out of box UI components and Lightning Base components. However, one important component missing is Lookup component or Type ahead component in Lightning. There are some lookup components available however either they are using some JavaScript library or UI doesn’t match with Salesforce Lightning Design system.