High voltage capacitors applications

Oct 29, 2015 · There are different types of capacitors available in the present days. They each vary in their characteristics and applications. Because each have their own advantages and disadvantages. Few types of capacitors can charge up to higher voltages such as electrolytic capacitors. So they can be used in high voltage power correction and smoothing ... These lines of Multi-Layer High-Q Capacitors, HiQ MLCC, HiQ Capacitors, SMT Capacitors, Low ESR Capacitors and Low Loss Capacitors have been developed for High-Q and microwave applications. jb Capacitors Company designs and manufactures high quality Ultra-High Voltage Ceramic Capacitors Radial-Leaded Single Layer Disc (low loss type) Capacitors with blue coating epoxy resin, custom design radial lead disc ceramic capacitors as well as a variety of standard and custom High Voltage & High Capacitance value Ceramic Capacitors. Jun 30, 2011 · Series Capacitors are generally applied to compensate the excessive inductance of long transmission lines, in order to reduce the line voltage drop, improve its voltage regulation, minimize losses by optimizing load distribution between parallel transmission lines, and to increase the power transfer capability. Plastic Capacitors & More. Plastic Capacitors, Inc. (PCI) offers experience, innovation and small business customer care for defense, industrial and commercial applications. PCI, a subsidiary of Electro Technik, Inc. (ETI), has a long history of product reliability, with a steady record of expansion and research.