Best street cam for big block mopar

Mopar, before they moved away from selling all but the latest crate engines, did offer a Super Commando 440… but it wasn't a big block. They'd managed to find that displacement inside the LA block and it produced an astounding 530 horsepower. Unfortunately these small block Mopar engines are no longer offered by the company.Its as hot a cam as you could use on the street. I makes so much torque on the bottom end its unbelievable and when you see the HP and torque graph and how flat it is, just give all of yourselves a big pat on the back because you people make the best Mopar cams on the planet and the best rocker arms and shafts, pushrods, etc.Page 3- Big Block Mopar oiling Naturally ... use a lighter wieght oil " your street engine doesn't need 20w50, ... (best use a hardened and full radius tip oil pump ... Standard Cam,.904" Lifters (includes, Screw in Freeze plugs, Screw in Cam plug, All dowel pins and Pipe plugs) 088510. Comes Standard with dual bell housing pattern: Big Block Mopar & Powerglide. Can be used as a replacement block for most all Gen II Street Hemi Engines. Allow 120 to 150 Days to receive when special ordered For the performance-minded car owner, who wants to use his everyday car for street and drags, with increased horsepower and rpm, this Isky Hydraulic Cam and Coordinated Assembly Kit is ideal. Isky Hydraulic racing cams, and anti-pump-up hydraulic tappets, are available for most popular V-8 and 6-cylinder American engines.I'm not looking for max wedge ported race heads just heads that will do the job out of the box. There are several options for us Mopar guys as opposed to just a few years back. Please chime in and let me know which big block aluminum head you chose and why you chose it.