88 98 chevy long bed to short bed

Sep 19, 2009 · What is the difference in length between a Chevy short bed and long bed? Answer. Wiki User September 19, 2009 9:32PM. Long bed is 96" Standard bed is 78" Short bed is 69" Related Questions. Rear track is 63.5 inches for the K1500 and 63.9 inches for other K models. Turning circle varies between 43.2 feet for a C1500 short-box to 54.8 feet for an extended cab. Tire specs vary from 225/75R15 for a C1500 short-bed to 245/75R16 for a 3500-series truck. All trucks have an independent front suspension with a live axle in the rear. Well I had a long day yesterday. I had to deal with the snow storm after working all day but I had ants in my pants so last night at around 8:00 I decided to start. Let's just say I had a long night too LOL Here's some progress pix... Sep 12, 2008 · Nova, If I'm following correctly...You have the 4dr dually, but you ultimately want a lowered, 1/2 ton, 4dr 6' bed truck, correct? If so, I would get 2 half ton frames (the back one being a 6' bed frame) & cut/splice under the cab between the front & back cab mounts, then add the middle ones accordingly. Since when did chevy/gmc make a ex cab truck with a 5.8' bed length? I thought it was only avalable on the crew cab trucks. My dad just bought a truck and he didnt relaize it was a short short bed until he got all the papers signed, now the dealer ship is saying they dont want to end the deal... 88-98 Chevy short bed - $400 (Jamestown pa) 88-98 Chevy short bed off a 97 ext cab. Very solid and clean barely and rust if any is surface. Comes with tailgate came off parts truck.